Education Savings Account (ESA)

What is the Education Savings Account?

The Education Savings Account (ESA) is a program for eligible students with disabilities in Kindergarten through 12th grade to provide an option for parents to pay tuition, fees, and some other expenses at a participating nonpublic school or homeschool.

The new student application for the 2018-19 school year has closed. Check back in February for the 2019-20 application.

Note: Children who are placed in a nonpublic school by their parents do not have a right to receive all of the special education and related services that they would receive if enrolled in the public schools. Likewise, a private school does not have a legal obligation to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities. Parents are encouraged to select a nonpublic school carefully and to establish a plan prior to enrollment which meets their childís educational needs.